We are happy to introduce Real-time Vehicle Monitoring

We are happy to introduce Real-time Vehicle Monitoring and Fleet Management Solution on installed in your vehicles for FREE.
This is a Company Promotional Scheme!
Terms and Condition :
Any owner can be benefited for a maximum of two vehicles.
This promotion is for heavy vehicles only (Truck / Tanker / Dumper and Tourist bus etc) which registration date not more than 3Yrs. old.
Spoter reserves all description about provide services or service suspension.
This service is initially provided for one year, which is renewable.
The device will have to be returned to Spoter after the end of Contract (Owners responsibility).Owner must insert 4 x 2 banner on two sides of the vehicle.
Owner is fully responsible for maintenance the banner. Soft Copy’s of the Banners will be provided by SPOTER. The banner content may be changed time to time.
Device installation will be owner responsibility. Spoter can support for installation.
Other Standard Terms and Conditions are Applicable.